I don't think it's just me, but the people of Harrisonburg have been waiting and excited about the upcoming Olive Garden to come into the area. If you are a resident of Harrisonburg you understand the frustration of Olive Garden. You are watching T.V. and a commercial about the endless salad and breadsticks comes on and it's just calling your name or a video of a new entrée that you want to try, but then you realize you have to drive over and hour and a half and indulge in this delicious food.

But those days are about to be over. WHSV has just confirmed that Olive Garden will be opening it's doors on May 22! The new restaurant will be managed by Stephen Walls. The new restaurant will bring 150 new jobs to the Harrisonburg area. Hiring starts tomorrow and if you want more information go to there Facebook Page for more info.