There are many different reasons to buy your first home. For example, you are tired of spending a fortune, every month, on a small one bedroom apartment where you can still hear the neighbors blasting music next door, or because you want to start a family and you want a bigger place to settle in and move out of your high school room, the examples are endless. Whatever your reason is, buying your first home seems like a scary thing to do. But the real estate team at Williams & Associates Real Estate in Harrisonburg VA ,helping you find homes in Rockingham,  Greater Augusta, Shenandoah counties. So were here to calm your nerves and help get you into a new home of your dreams.

Imagine you are on the computer, online shopping, and you add everything that sparks your interest to your cart. You go to check out and try to pay for your order and your card does not work because you didn't check account and you don’t have enough money in it. So you might be thinking, “I thought this was a Real Estate Article, why are you talking about online shopping.” Well this example is what us Realtors® see all too often. An eager buyer who is so excited to find a house but does not know what monies that the bank will lend. So the first step in buying a house is talking to a Mortgage Lender and seeing what you are approved for and then deciding what your willing to pay for a house. Sometime you may be approved for a larger than what you really wanting to pay each month or more of a house than need. This step is not to keep you from looking on our website and finding a home you love. Keep looking, but it helps with an offer when you have been approved by the bank for a loan and know that when you do make an offer, you have the monies needed to purchase a home. 

The next step is finding a Realtor® that fits you. The team here at Williams & Associates has a wonderful team of professional Realtors®. You can find all of our agents if you click the link at the top of the page above that says “Our Agents” or click this link. Finding the perfect Realtor® is an important step because they will give you the expertise you need to help guide you through this process. The buying process is like a treasure hunt. Closing on the house you are excited to move into is the “X marks the spot” and an experienced Realtor® knows what that map looks like and can get you there faster so you can avoid the pitfalls and sand traps of the Real Estate market.

After all the time looking, you find a home and you make an offer to purchase.. Waiting to hear back from the other agent can be stressful. Once both parties agree to the terms of the contract, then we have a ratified contract. Since we have a ratified contract you might think you are now ready move your stuff in and start painting. But wait...this part of the process is called being in Escrow. If you are a fan any real estate shows you hear this word a lot but it is sometimes is hard to understand. The contract that you gave the sellers has things we call Contingencies. What is a contingency you might ask? A contingency is a condition of a contract that need to be fulfilled so the contract can go through. Two common contingencies are the home inspection contingency and financing contingency. And that's where we Help.

After all the contingencies are satisfied then you go to Closing... the “X Marks the Spot.” At closing you will be signing all closing  documents and all the lender paperwork that is needed to get you the keys to your new home. So if you are new to the home buying process don’t be scared. We will guide you through step by step and if you have any questions just contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.